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Maestro by Tumlare

Maestro by Tumlare creates exciting thematic music, art and educational travel itineraries for specialist music, art and education-oriented groups. Our experienced specialists will assist you in creating a distinctive performance tour, realizing your dreams of the ideal European experience for all participants.

Performance Tour Specialist

Authentic, multi-faceted travel experiences based around cultural connections. Orchestras, bands, choirs, theatre groups, arts collectives and special interest programmes; every ensemble has a voice. Let us provide you with tailor-made experiences to articulate your style. We are well connected with local venues, musicians, and educators. One stage does not fit all – we respond to challenges with solutions. Our experienced specialists will expertly match your group's repertoire, strengths, preferences, and size to create an ideal European experience, providing outstnading cultural visits and excursions. 

Educational study programs

The ability to see, smell and hear a new experience is difficult to replicate in the classroom. We give students a hands-on opportunities to ask questions and learn from diverse experiences. We provide a customized itinerary to suit your needs and connect you with cultural institutions, high-level corporate partners, NGOs, local universities and student projects. Let’s practise French in France, explore art history in Italy, or teach finance in Germany! We work with MBA/EMBA students, as well as those traveling as part of their graduate and undergraduate-level programs. 

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