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For over 40 years, our unique strength has been a strategic focus on employing the best people in all our locations. Rather than relying on a network of partners, we prefer to keep our skills in house, allowing us to build a strong sense of community across our offices around the world. We operate within a flat organisational structure and flexible, multicultural working environment. What is more, we believe in empowering our employees and giving them the responsibility to continuously improve every aspect of the services and products we provide to our global clients.

As a fast-growing company with an expanding range of destination management services, we are constantly looking for new additions to our international, multilingual team. People who, like us, refuse to say “no”, and instead ask themselves “how?” If you have a passion for travel, creative, problem-solving nature and excellent interpersonal skills, you are exactly the kind of person we are looking for.

Please feel free to send us your CV and covering letter, as we are always keen to meet energetic and talented professionals who would like to join our team

Why working for Tumlare? 

We value problem-solving and creativity
We like to take a collaborative approach
We are international, multicultural and multilingual
We work with a wide variety of clients in every sector
We are dedicated to service quality and client satisfaction

  What is like to work at Tumlare?


Keiri Ibaragi Glesner

General Manager Data & Revenue Management
My career in brief
October    2000   Recruited as Profit Controller
November 2002 Promoted to Revenue Manager
January    2013  Promoted to General Manager Revenue Management

What do you do at Tumlare?
I am the General Manager of Revenue Control Management (RCM). I have the responsibility to direct enough attention to the overall Gross Profit of the company, through optimizing efforts on Sales offices side and on the buying prices at the different destinations.

What is it like to work at Tumlare?
Tumlare is a fantastic place to work, I started to work with the company in October 2000, and thought this would be something I would do for 2 maybe 3. Now, 14 years later I am still here, getting challenged everyday, and thus constantly developing my skills and knowledge.

My Tumlare Moment
There are many special Tumlare moments, as I have always had a special feeling being part of the Tumlare family. My first very special moment was when I started to work in Tumlare, and there was a big celebration in Germany with all, I knew then that I was part of something significant. In 2013 the Tumlare Revenue Management won an award from JTB – Global Business Unit. The ceremony took place in Japan, and I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to speak to JTB sales managers worldwide. This was a fantastic experience, which truly inspired me. 



Mirela Sucic Cevra

Regional Manager, Central & South Europe  

What do you do at Tumlare?
I work very closely with the top management of the company and support the implementation of strategies and goals for destinations in my region. Tumlare has been developing intensively over the last years and there are numerous exciting projects within different areas of the company. My task is to ensure those are endorsed by our Destination Managers in my region and applied equally in all aspects of our business activities.  

What is it like to work at Tumlare?
If I would need to describe Tumlare as a company in one word, it will be the word "fair".
I truly do believe Tumlare is set on fair rules and openness where each individual does get the opportunity to express himself and make a difference. I find this fundamental value extremely rewarding and motivating for anybody that wants to grow.

My Tumlare Moment
There are countless memorable moments of my career in Tumlare. Since I have joined, the company has been developing so fast and I have been on a roller coaster with each year being so different, offering new opportunities and milestones. I traveled the world and gained so many personal moments that enriched me for life. This I find most rewarding and highly motivating. I have found a perfect balance of working with great colleagues in a stable company with a diverse organisational culture, combined with intensive career development opportunities, always offering new rewarding experiences. For me that's just a perfect combination!



Ingrid Hjelle

Sales Manager

Career in brief path with dates

June        2010     Recruited as a summer helper at the Tumlare Oslo Office
August     2010   I signed my permanent contract as an Sales  Assistant   
October    2011    I went on my first overseas project as a Sales Assistant based in Bangkok
October    2012     I moved back to Tumlare Oslo Destination Office as a Mice Project Manager 
January    2014   I had my second overseas assignment as  a Scandinavian Destination Specialist located in South East Asia
January    2015    I was promoted as a European Sales Manager located in Tumlare Oslo Office 

What do you do at Tumlare?
I am today employed as a European Sales Manager for the UK, Ireland and German Markets. It is a challenging and very interesting position, where I need to maintain our current customer portfolio and as well initiate contact and offer Tumlare's vast European Destination knowledge and expertise towards new clients. Me and my team are at the same time making sure that our customers are receiving the best possible service experience at each of our European Destinations. This involves being active and visible on both at the markets and destinations and working closely with colleagues throughout all of Europe

What is it like to work at Tumlare?
Working for Tumlare has taught me to see beyond borders, and with a can do attitude always trying to find the best possible solution?   I am amazed how we all cooperate across borders and cultures, always working together in creating memorable experiences for our clients.

My Tumlare moment
Working for Tumlare has taught me to see beyond borders, and with a can do attitude always trying to find the best possible solution?   I am amazed how we all cooperate across borders and cultures, always working together in creating memorable experiences for our clients.