Tumlare : Who We Are

Who we are

Tumlare has almost fifty years of unparalleled success as a European Destination Management Specialist. Throughout our history, we have been in the business of multicultural communication and bringing diverse people together. Ever since its humble beginnings, Tumlare has remained dedicated to understanding our customers’ unique needs by employing staff with a profound understanding of each client’s culture and expectations.

Our company philosophy into words is also very much a product of our history. Throughout our journey, we have brought together some of the best professionals in the industry, allowing us to build close, trusting partnerships with our clients, and establish long-term relationships with our suppliers. In collaboration with our partners, we make sure that all our efforts are geared towards continuously improving the products and services we offer to our clients.

Dolphins in unison

Since our foundation, the company logo has been two dolphins swimming in unison, representing the freedom of travel and the commitment to harmonious collaboration we have with our partners and clients. Seafaring folklore tells many stories of the dolphin as a friend to those traveling and in need; dolphins are a symbol of luck and have led captains to both safety and good fortune. 

Enriching travel experiences

At Tumlare, customer service is our business. We know that a satisfied traveler is someone who enjoys every step of the journey, so we are fully dedicated to ensuring every detail is taken care of from the planning phase right through to the return flight home. That means working with you to understand your needs, planning meticulously and adapting quickly when circumstances change. Tumlare was founded as a family business and we have been building our reputation for excellence on the following core principles ever since:

  • Strong focus on bringing together the best people in the industry
  • Adaptive and creative approach based on deep understanding of our clients’ needs
  • Emphasis on delivering localised, personalised service to global customers
  • Competitive pricing through highly specialised local purchasing teams


For over 40 years since our foundation, we have established and maintained long-lasting partnerships with a wide variety of clients and suppliers. The belief in close partnerships founded on loyalty and trust is the cornerstone of our corporate philosophy. We have an unwavering commitment to developing close cooperations to the mutual benefit of ourselves and our partners is paramount to our success.

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