Tumlare : Our Journey

Our Journey

In 2020 Tumlare celebrated its 48th year of unparalleled success as a European Destination Management Specialist. Throughout our history, we have been in the business of multicultural communication and have remained dedicated to understanding our customers’ unique needs and expectations. Our company philosophy is also very much a product of our history. Along our journey, we have brought together some of the best professionals in the industry, allowing us to build close, trusting partnerships with our clients, and establish long-term relationships with our suppliers.

  • 2020 and Forwards
    With nearly 50 successful years behind us, we are looking forward to building on our extensive travel industry knowledge and continuing our journey together with our clients, partners and suppliers.
  • 2015
    We continue our market expansion with the opening of our 12th Sales office in Beijing, China.
  • 2011
    All of our European offices become DMC's handling the MICE business segment.
  • Serving the very best
    As we expanded our service offering to span across Europe, our customer base from around the world also grew to include some of the world's best-known companies. In 2008, we handled travel arrangements for the Manchester United team, staff, sponsors and directors as they lifted the Champions League trophy in Moscow.
  • 2010
    We enter the Indian market with the establishment of our Delhi Sales Office.
  • 2007
    We become part of JTB Group of companies.
  • Strategic Partnerships
    A major breakthrough came in the year 2000, when Tumlare signed a strategic partnership agreement with JTB Group, Asia's No.1 travel agent. As a full member of the JTB Group since 2007, we are now a truly global player, focusing on offering genuine local knowledge and expertise to our clients.
  • 2005
    We launch the Tumlare Online Booking System for the Foreign Individual Travelers (FIT) business segment.
  • 2004
    Our first two South-East Asian offices open in Taipei and Hong Kong
  • Global Research
    On the sales side, Tumlare's successful formula of close personal contact with clients and partners was replicated in New York, USA, in 1982 - Tumlare's first sales office outside of Japan. The dolphin's journey passed through Moscow in 1991, St. Petersburg in 1992, and continued throughout Europe, Taiwan, South-East Asia, India and China.
  • 2003
    We launch operations in Brazil and now market our own programs throughout Europe from our Sales office in Sao Paulo.
  • 2001
    We extended the network of Tumlare offices all over Western Europe.
  • Europe Expansion
    Maintaining our philosophy of establishing a strong local presence in all our destinations, Tumlare expanded into Central Europe with the acquisition of the German operators DTS in Frankfurt in 1981. The company's coverage has continued to spread across Europe, and now, our 20 destination offices provide support from Oslo to Athens and from Moscow to Madrid.
  • 2001
    We open FIT Center in Budapest to solely serve the Foreign Individual Travellers business segment.
  • Number One for Scandinavia
    Defining loyalty and reliability as the cornerstones of the company's philosophy, Tumlare became the first incoming tour operator with its own offices in all four Scandinavian countries in 1978. In the years to follow, we have been able to build on this foundation to further develop our sales operations around the world.
  • 2000
    We enter into a strategic alliance with JTB Group, Asia's largest tour operator.
  • 1997
    We open our first Central European location in Budapest, serving as both a hotel booking office and a destination management office.
  • Big in Japan
    The company's initial focus was to offer visitors from Japan tailored tours of Scandinavia, a part of the world blessed with a culture world, which Japanese tourists continue to find fascinating. As interest grew, Tumlare opened a Tokyo sales office in 1976, while continuously developing its service offering in Europe.
  • 1992
    We open an office in Moscow as the first Western Destination Management Company with a presence in Russia. We also open our Osaka sales office, strengthening our ties with the Japanese market.
  • A Match Made in Heaven
    When the company was founded, the openness, creativity and strong community focus of Scandinavia became intertwined with the dedication, diligence and attentiveness of the Japanese business world.
  • 1983
    We acquire 70% of the fully licensed travel agency Net Travel Service Copenhagen.
  • 1982
    We open our first Sales Office outside Japan in New York City, USA.
  • Dolphins in Unison
    Our company logo, which from the very start has been two dolphins swimming in unison, represents the freedom of travel and the commitment to harmonious collaboration with our partners and clients. Seafaring folklore tells many stories of dolphins as symbol of luck, leading captains to both safety and good fortune.
  • 1981
    Increase in the number of travelers not only to Scandinavia but also to Central Europe allows us to acquire Frankfurt-based German Tour Operator DTS.
  • 1978
    We open our Oslo Destination Office, making Tumlare the first inbound tour operator with a presence in all three Scandinavian countries.
  • Sweden Meets Japan in Copenhagen
    Tumlare was established in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1972. The Founders of our company are Mr. Fuijo Ota, a Japanese expat with a passion for Scandinavia, and a Swedish businessman Mr. Rune Tumlare, who shares his surname with a species of dolphins living exclusively in Scandinavian waters.
  • 1976
    We open our first Sales Office in Tokyo.
  • 1972
    Tumlare Corporation is founded in Copenhagen and establishes its second local office in Stockholm, making it the first inbound operator in Scandinavia to focus on the Japanese market.
  • Your Fellow Traveler Since 1972
    The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. At Tumlare, we embark on a journey with our clients, providing advice and expertise along each step of the way, ensuring a truly irreplaceable experience.

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